Single Girl

Statistics show us women without partners are on the rise. Contributing factors are that women live longer that divorce rates are increasing. Regardless of the circumstance that led to living without a partner one of the common complaints for the majority of these women is financial hardship.


From a financial point of view it is always beneficial to share the cost of living in a household with others. However, having said that, finding someone that you want to share the cost with is a different matter. Many women choose to stay in a relationship or even commence a relationship to share the cost of living.


If you have read my previous articles I am always encouraging women to take responsibility for their financial future. I don’t advocate for being married, single, gay or institutionalised. I advocate for happiness. I also believe we achieve happiness with a healthy body and bank balance.


One of the huge mistakes I see women make when leaving a partner or after a partner has died and trying to stand on their own two feet and accept responsibility for their own future, is in the choices in their housing. I challenge you to ask yourself if you want to spend an entire day cleaning a mansion. Get a two bedroom flat. It may not be glamourous but it’s cheaper and it is easier to clean. All the excuses I hear of “I want a garden” (get a bonsai) “the kids need room to run around” (go to the park) and so on and so forth are just plain drains on the budget. If you do want a house get something that is small and manageable that won’t require a gardener and full time cleaner and remember that most socialisation these days is not done in the home but out and about. Eating tapas with a couple of glasses of wine is an inexpensive and great way to socialise.


I want to emphasise that it’s the quickest way to fail in gaining your independence. The cost of housing is the largest strain on the budget and if you elect to live outside of the budget you are bound to fail in your independent living quest. I hear some of the girls screaming that the property is also an investment. Is It? The house you live in? Does it provide income and capital growth? Consider how you could better invest the capital that you may spend on a larger home. For example get 2 Units and rent one out. Invest the balance in a share portfolio. As with anything do a plan, get some help. The plan itself is a small investment and can save you a great deal in the future.


What other tips can you single girls share with us on doing it better alone.


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