Real Women, Real Stories – Tanya Goldie

Tanya Goldie – ND

Hi Folks, welcome to our first member interview! This month we’re chatting with Tanya Goldie, naturopath and owner of Dove Cottage on the Gold Coast.


Having been a Naturopath for over 20 years, Tanya started running her own business 7 years ago so that she could concentrate on finding a balance between work and family.


In Tanya’s Own Words:

I am doing good work with lots of different people, ‘Dove Cottage’ is now a general practice where the whole family is welcome to experience to the wonders of natural medicine, and all it has to offer the body and soul.

Now onto Tanya’s answers!



When did you know what you wanted to do, and decided to make a career out of it?

Before leaving school; the career path I desired in the navy was unavailable to women at a top level. I decided to seek the help of a careers advisor and on the way found a brochure on “being a Naturopath”. I simply read the brochure; did the degree in Applied Science and became a Naturopath. At one point in my mid- twenties I thought maybe professional callings weren’t meant to be that easy, and that I should look at all my options. From then until now ( 22 years later) I have been eternally grateful that I have such an interesting and fulfilling job to go to each day. I am amazed that I have been in the same profession my entire adult life.


Where did you go to get your first insights, news and advice about your career or business?

I had not heard of Naturopathic medicine until reading that brochure as a school leaver. During our last years of study we had to run a student clinic which was our first taste of clinic life, and the opportunities the profession offers. Once gaining registration one of my clients (a retired business man) took me under his wing, guiding me with good business ethics. I opened my first clinic and remained self-employed for 6 years. My business came from working with elite athletes. As exciting and financially rewarding as this was I felt restricted professionally. I wanted to help a larger demographic. I decided to crack the pharmacy market and ended up landing a fabulous job working for a lovely man in a large pharmacy in Southport. Mr Wilson looked after the business side of things while I ran a hugely successful clinic and shop with the help of a handful of loyal staff.


Is that different to where you go now?

The natural medicine industry has grown in the last 22 years however there are few successful practioners in private practice that don’t have a medical degree. I see this being the way of the future – GPs who specialise in natural medicine. These days, practise management strategies are provided by the companies who supply our natural medicines.


Did you have a mentor? And if you did, how do you think that helped you?

My profession doesn’t have a mentor system that I know of; and I have never had a formal mentor. I do however continue to be inspired and guided by fabulous people from all walks of life. I especially love learning from people who are financially successful whilst being conscious of the environmental and social impact their business dealings have.



How hard do you find work / life balance and what do you do to manage that?

Being the sole financial provider for my children, a business woman and a Naturopath I find happiness and balance in keeping my life simple. I trust each day will unfold as it should and that I will always be looked after. I find worrying very destructive mentally and physically so choose to have faith in myself and life instead. My profession is all about keeping equilibrium. I walk my talk, keeping a sense of humour as I go. I feel blessed knowing all that I do about being healthy and happy.



What has been your biggest mistake in your business or financial life?

Opening a health food shop 3 months prior to the crash in October 2008 (whilst expecting a baby)! My business is directly influenced by the local stock market and economic climate.


And the best thing?

Surviving the GFC!


What’s most important to you now?

Building a nest egg while taking the time to take more care of myself. When I was younger I could work very hard with little R&R. Now I know that I need to pace myself. I don’t want to work as hard as I did before the GFC. Keeping things simple and manageable at work will help achieve this.


Do you think women get treated differently to men in your profession?

Most definitely. Men still hold all the top Naturopathic positions in all the major natural medicine companies that I know of. This however maybe due to the flexibility the profession offers and the choices made by female Naturopaths; rather than a professional bias. I have worked from home after having both my children and continue to choose a career path that allows me to be the mother that I want to be , rather than the professional I could be.


Thanks Tanya!

If you want to know more about Tanya and her business you should head over to her site Dove Cottage and make an appointment!