You won’t lose weight or make money until you make up your mind!

All you beautiful ladies out there know what it’s like to go on a diet and it seems most of us want a fat bank balance and a slim body.


The world is full of fad diets that don’t seem to work or only work for a short time. However there is a mainstay brand of the diet industry and I think Weight Watchers have it all worked out. They say diet is what we eat every day. It’s hard to argue their basic principles of eating a balanced diet and ensuring we burn more calories (output ) than we eat (input) to lose weight.


Successful dieting and money management require similar disciplines and I regularly adapt dieting principles to help people with their finances and budgeting.


But let me cut to the chase here. I said similar, not identical. Cutting back on calories for the diet probably means severely restricting your drinking. Stoping your binge eating and all that yummy cheese and nibbles probably means restricting your drinking. But effectively managing your finances has no requirement what so ever for you to cut back on champagne and cheese. I simply recommend you start the drinking and eating at the end of the day.


Whether it’s dieting or money management start with an individual plan designed by yourself or a professional. Chances are, if you have tried and failed with dieting you may need a dietician to help with food and a Personal Trainer to help with fitness. It’s the same with money. Spending a little bit can make a big difference.


If you tried and failed with a budget, get a plan done with a professional who can help you set goals and show you how to effectively make more money. This may include better use of your cash and investments as well as reducing your expenses. I like to introduce clients to smart ideas on all sorts of day to day things like shopping, coffee, clothing and lunch habits that can save or make you thousands of dollars a year.


Remember, we are all going to be old and wrinkly one day but a healthy bank balance will make you very appealing indeed.


Bring the champagne and cheese when we catch up.