Happy New Year from The Financial Woman

Happy New Year!


Can you believe it’s 2014 already?


Have you made your plans? Set your goals? (Recovered yet from seeing the New Year in?)


Now is the time to do so. We’re going to do everything we can to help you reach your financial goals for the year, with regular articles, “How To’s”, a new weekly newsletter, and some new experts joining us to cover a wider range of topics.


We have some big plans for 2014 ourselves.


Lots of new articles and social media chat with plenty of tips and information about money to keep you on track and up to date


We are going to be launching webinars on all sorts of financial topics from how to create a budget to taking your first steps in investing in shares.


I’ll be launching some ebooks to help you tackle the financial jargon used by brokers and research analysts. You’ll be able to understand research reports better and make more informed decisions about your investment choices.


Lot’s of helpful, valuable information from experts all around the country that will help you get that step closer to financial independence.


There are some of our goals. What’s yours? And how can we help? Any topics you’d like us to cover that will make things easier?