Do you want to take responsibility for yourself financially?

When asked to write for this column I hesitated and asked myself why would l do this? Twenty five years in the finance industry has shown me that many women do not want to take responsibility for their own financial future. Nor do they want to seek or take advice from professionals when they would much prefer to natter about first world problems with friends over coffee or on social media.


But then it clicked. If I can stir enough emotion in just one woman to change, this woman may become the “trusted professional” of many sisters, mothers, daughters and nieces at coffee shops and on social media pages all over the place.


To be fair though, very few people want to take responsibility for themselves financially. But someone has to pay the bills and someone has to eventually do the bare basics. Perhaps it’s genetics or a tradition passed down from generation to generation, but in most cases it’s the men who are (self?) assigned the money chore. It doesn’t mean they are good at it, geez, maybe they like the power and control that comes with the job??

Money is power, and history is littered with examples of what people will do for money…. but I digress.


What doesn’t need to be passed down from centuries past is that women are not capable of managing financial affairs. Like anything, if you want to be good at managing money you firstly need to participate, practice and take responsibility.


Here is the proven pathway described in hundreds of books:


  1. Set some goals
  2. Have a plan
  3. Implement
  4. Measure
  5. Follow up and adjust as required


Hang on…. there has got to be more to it – isn’t this article about taking responsibility??


Oh yeah, missed one crucial point. Empower yourself ..If its to be its up to me. Like stopping smoking or permanently losing 5kg – you have to take MASSIVE ACTION!!


Start treating yourself as equal, take a pay rise from the household budget, have your own money, invest this money, set some goals, have your own plan and share equally in the responsibility of a joint household. Feel empowered, become Ms/Mrs/Miss Capable, have a go, earn respect, become your own individual enterprise.


Come on, what are you waiting for? Plenty of other girls need your ass back down at that coffee shop with fingers tapping on social media!


Statistics tell us that if there is anything you won’t do, it’s probably asking for financial help from a professional.