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Felicity Cooper
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Successful families ensure that all of their financial activities are managed seamlessly.
Global research tells us that wealthy families would prefer to pass nearly two-thirds of their wealth to their children, grandchildren and others. But while they may have the desire to build their legacy by passing on their wealth, many families grapple with a fundamental question: Can our wealth benefit our generation and be passed on to future generations without it becoming a burden? read more
10 Questions to see if your family is ready to manage their inheritance Brad Scott

Preparing for Wealth Is the Key to Retaining it FACT – 70% of all wealth transitions from one generation to the next fail (Institute for Preparing Heirs) Sad, but true. The main reason that the majority of wealth transfers to the next generation fail are not due to estate planning... read more

Big changes in Insurance are coming – time for an Insurance review Felicity Cooper

Today I asked Danielle Ryley, Director of dRA and recognised Insurance Specialist what is one thing she’s recommending to clients before the 30th June.   If you remember to do one thing before June 30, have an Insurance Review …..   Insurance policies are like fire extinguishers in the kitchen, you... read more

Raising a Child To Be A Responsible Owner Of Wealth – Part 2 Brad Scott

Last month we discussed the challenges of raising the next generation to ensure they are prepared for the challenges that wealth provides.  This month we will explore the principles and tools which can help find the balance between providing the next generation with a comfortable lifestyle while exposing them to... read more

How to Raise a Child To Be A Responsible Owner Of Wealth Brad Scott

Imagine… you build a successful business enterprise through years of hard work. You decide to retire and place the enterprise in the hands of new management. However, the new managers have no understanding of the company’s products, goals, history, values or mission. They have no experience in the field, let... read more

Myth or Reality : What Do Woman Really Want Brad Scott

What is it that women really want when it comes to managing their wealth and relationships?  If you hoped to find it in mainstream media, you may be woefully disappointed in news, reality shows, movies and magazines as they often portray negative stereotypes.  Today’s media all too often seems to... read more