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It's simple, you don't get higher returns over the long term without higher risk.
A third of Australian shareholders own less than 3 different shares (the average is 2.19). The problem is, though, is that this adds a level of investment risk that you never needed to (or probably intended to) have. Why carry this risk? And, what to do about it? read more
Even if managed funds underperform, they’re here to stay. Felicity Cooper

When I told a new client about the statistics about the performance of managed funds, she didn’t believe me. She, like so many others, have been in funds for ages (both in her super fund and also in her own personal name). Sure, she’d seen years of negatives in amongst... read more

Avoid tax surprises this year with a few quick checks Janelle Manders

The best way to avoid tax surprises that are all too common when you lodge your tax return for the year is by planning and carrying out a few checks before the end of the year.   Capital Gains and Capital Losses   Have you reviewed the assets that you... read more

Get a rent increase with a great kitchen that wins tenant’s hearts Amy Sanderson

Kitchens are the heart of the home and one of the most valuable and functionally important rooms of a property. Updating or replacing the kitchen in your rental property to one that wins your tenant’s heart means that next rent increase won’t be so hard.   I always draw plans... read more

The 2014 Budget and how it affects YOU Janelle Manders

The 2014 Budget highlights the Treasurer’s message that his Government wants people to contribute to ‘repair the budget and build a stronger, more prosperous future for all’. It also signals a desire to reform the size and role of government and will be succeeded by a White Paper on the... read more

How to Calculate Rental Yield – A Must For Property Investors Amy Sanderson

I was scouring the internet for interesting articles to read and I came across this one written by Jennifer Duke, the Editor of Property Observer and she has kindly given me permission to share it with you. Jennifer can be contacted via email [email protected] twitter @propertyobs or   Every... read more