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Janelle Manders
It looks as though stocks with good yields will be in demand for a while.
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Taking time to plan your charitable donations Genevieve Fraser

We have all at one time left our important gift buying for loved ones to the last minute.  Despite our best intentions, buying gifts in a hurry rarely results in the same satisfaction as those well thought out gifts which show consideration, planning and effort.   Similarly – charitable donations made at the... read more

Estate Planning – Keeping the Children Happy Katie Worsnop

Estate planning can be quite a complex area particularly in modern life where you have an increasingly diverse range of family circumstances, such as “blended families” and where you have assets owned through other entities.   If you have children, the most common and simplistic approach taken in estate planning... read more

Retirement Planning – Some Super Choices Greg Middleton

(July 2013)   When the Australian government first set eligibility to the “old age” pension to age 65, an Australian’s life expectancy was 55. That’s right, if you lived ten years past your life expectancy the government said OK, we will now help you out.   Wind the clock forward... read more