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Business Success on a Budget – with Kimberly Crossland Felicity Cooper

In the past, we’ve talked about some of the considerations you need to take into account when thinking of starting your own business. Once you’ve made that decision, the next step is finding your way to business success  – without running out of money before you get there.   This... read more

Credit reports might be about to get a whole lot longer – and that’s not a good thing Felicity Cooper

Completely up to date on your bills? All of your bills? The home loan, personal loan, and the credit cards?   You might want to make sure you are.   As at yesterday, any time you’re 5 days late on a bill from (any) licensed credit provider you will get... read more

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (yet) Janelle Manders

The decision to leave a well paying job, quit your day job, and follow your dreams into having your own business is a challenging one that involves strategic, financial and emotional factors.  No matter how well prepared, the decision to work full time in a business is still a ‘leap... read more

One day you’re going to want to end that tenancy Amy Sanderson

Sooner or later, you or your tenant may want to end the tenancy of your property. For whatever reason this is occurring, both parties are required to give written notice to end the tenancy and the amount of notice that is required varies according to the type of tenancy and... read more

Want a Fat Bank Balance? Suzanne Murray

All you beautiful ladies out there know what it’s like to go on a diet and it seems most of us want a fat bank balance and a slim body. The world is full of fad diets that don’t seem to work or only work for a short time. However... read more