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Felicity Cooper

Felicity Cooper
Investment Adviser - Authorised Representative 413849 Email: [email protected] Phone: (07) 5531 6295 Website:

Felicity is a multiple award-winning Investment Manager, Financial Adviser, Entrepreneur, and Speaker who has earned the reputation as a seasoned and passionate leader in the financial space. Through the span of almost two decades, she has cultivated extensive first-hand experience in her field. Currently serving clients Australia-wide, from her office on the Gold Coast, Felicity is the Founder of Cooper Wealth Management and The Financial Woman. Both passionate and equally as self-driven, she consistently strives to help her clients attain lasting financial prosperity. Felicity holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting. She has also obtained a Diploma in Financial Planning, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance, in addition to being accredited as a Level 2 Dervatives Adviser. She is now pursuing a Master's degree in Financial Planning. Furthermore, Felicity Cooper has received notable acclaim throughout her lucrative career, including being nominated as Gold Coast Business Woman of the Year 2017, and Australian Investment Manager of the Year in the Women in Financial Services Awards. In addition, she is continually ranked in the top 3 speakers by AIA (Australian Investors Association), and regularly presents for the Australian Shareholders Association and the Independent Retirees Association.

Even if managed funds underperform, they’re here to stay. Felicity Cooper When I told a new client about the statistics about the performance of managed funds, she didn’t believe me. She, like so many others, have been in funds for ages (both in her super fund and also in her own personal name). Sure, she’d seen years of negatives in amongst... read more
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