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Brad Scott

Brad Scott
Managing Director and Founder, EWM Group Email: [email protected] Phone: 07 3845 2900 Website:

EWM Group is one of Australia’s leading Multi-Family offices which specialising in protecting wealth for the benefit of current and future generations. It was one of the first Multi-Family Offices in Australia and its Independent model allows it to work successfully with their client in unison with their existing team of advisors. EWM Group provides a menu of services including Family Governance, Coaching and Education, Investment Governance, Wealth Management and Philanthropic advice and services. Brad has been in the finance and investment industry since 1986 and has a background which includes relationship and investment management, commercial, private and investment banking, philanthropic advice and family governance. As a former Executive Director at Goldman Sachs JBWere, Brad established and managed the Private Wealth Management business for Queensland and formed part of the national management team. Prior to his years at Goldman Sachs JBWere, Brad had 12 years commercial and private banking experience with one of Australia’s major banks across various roles and responsibilities.

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