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Amy Sanderson

Amy Sanderson
Network Performance Manager - Property Investment Management Email: [email protected] Phone: Website:

With 20 years’ experience within the real estate industry across sales, property investment management, team performance, training and consulting all over Australia and New Zealand, Amy Sanderson knows how real estate agents think and feel. Amy is a licensed real estate agent and business agent, a qualified trainer and business consultant. Amy has provided advice to more than 500 property management businesses, including some of the best in both Australia and New Zealand and her role at LJ Hooker is of Network Performance Manager for the management of over 140,000 investment properties, rightfully placing them as the Number 1 property investment management service provider in Australasia. She is able to leverage her own experience with that of her clients to provide insightful, practical advice on how individuals and businesses can radically improve their performance. Amy‘s personal experience has ranged from small businesses; starting with zero, through to one of the largest in the country where she was overseeing a team of more than 30 property investment managers. She is therefore able to assist with both real estate and business needs. Phone: (02) 8303 7061

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