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Genevieve Fraser

Genevieve Fraser
Director of Philanthropic Services - EWM Group Email: [email protected] Phone: Website:

Genevieve Fraser is Director of Philanthropic Services at EWM Group and is an internationally accredited Partnership Broker. Her experience includes managing a multi-million dollar community investment portfolio and building award winning partnerships in the arts, environmental and indigenous sectors. At EWM Group she provides clients with philanthropic advice and governance tailored to their personal and financial needs. Genevieve is also part of an emerging women donor circle in Brisbane and welcomes any reader enquiries about giving.

Taking time to plan your charitable donations Genevieve Fraser We have all at one time left our important gift buying for loved ones to the last minute.  Despite our best intentions, buying gifts in a hurry rarely results in the same satisfaction as those well thought out gifts which show consideration, planning and effort.   Similarly – charitable donations made at the... read more
Building a legacy of giving – the later years Genevieve Fraser With persistence all parents can instil a legacy of giving in their children. The last edition looked at how to sow the seeds of giving in the early years and the benefits that provides to the family and the child. The following article outlines how to instil the capacity to... read more
Building a legacy of giving – the early years Genevieve Fraser   The challenge of raising children to understand the value of a dollar perplexes many a modern parent. There are a myriad of methods parents can use but one of the best ways to teach the value of money can be to show them how get them to give it... read more