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Even if managed funds underperform, they’re here to stay.

Felicity Cooper

When I told a new client about the statistics about the performance of managed funds, she didn’t believe me.

She, like so many others, have been in funds for ages (both in her super fund and also in her own personal name). Sure, she’d seen years of negatives in amongst the good years, but she’d never even questioned whether they had been as good as the market itself….

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10 Questions to see if your family is ready to manage their inheritance

Brad Scott

FACT – 70% of all wealth transitions from one generation to the next fail.

Sad, but true. The main reason that the majority of wealth transfers to the next generation fail are not due to estate planning issues or poor tax advice or bad investment decisions. Most are caused by one or a combination of the following factors:

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Avoid tax surprises this year with a few quick checks

Janelle Manders

The best way to avoid the nasty little tax surprise that are all too common when you lodge your tax return for the year is by planning and carrying out a few checks before the end of the year.

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